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Our excellent business partners enable us to offer comprehensive solutions. The key to successful cooperation is the trust that brings us and our partners together.



money.png  Loan opportunities


swedbank.jpg helps you get your new home through a mortgage with good terms.


An individual client manager helps you find the best solution. To arrange support, call customer service at 6 310 310 or complete a mortgage application HERE.


The advantages of using Swedbank:


  • Professional support 
  • Mortgage insurance up to -25%
  • Electronic mortgage agreement
  • Discounts for mortgage and home equity mortgages


balance.png  Notaries 

Home purchase transactions are validated by a notary. It is important to know that notaries’ professional activities are divided into mandatory notarial acts and voluntary notarial services.


Offering notarial services is voluntary, but when a notary office has agreed to offer a service it is mandated by law to do so. Information on the services provided by notaries can be found on the Chamber of Notaries website HERE.


Prices for notarial services are not set by law, they are agreed by the notary and client in written, reproducible form before the service is provided.


A list of notary offices in Tallinn is HERE

tasub teada   Please note Relevant information:

Check the appropriate Estonian laws before signing any real estate contracts:



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